Refund Policy


It is the intent of CABA Colorado baseball to play each tournament to its final conclusion. Modification may include, but not limited to, reducing the total number of games, an alternate seeding method if pool play did not finish, or reducing time limits. Due to circumstance beyond our control, either man-made or act of God, a tournament may have to be shortened, postponed, or cancelled. Before any tournament is officially cancelled every opportunity will be made to reschedule or resume play at the first opportunity, as dictated by our field providers. We will post all tournament updates on our website, including any cancellation or modifications.

If your team cancels more than 14 Business days prior to the event start date you may request a full refund or transfer your registration to another CABA Colorado event for full value. If your team cancels 14 or less business days prior to the event No refund will be given.  

Based on your teams tournament schedule:  If there is an adjustment or cancelation due to weather, field conditions or park closure the following will apply:

If 0 games STARTED - $75 administration fee.

If 1 game STARTED - 50% refund of registration fees

If 2 or more games STARTED - No refund

Refunds may take up to 2 weeks to process. 


CABA reserves the right to make any adjustments necessary including but not limited to game times, start times, combining age groups or divisions. Scheduling changes are sometimes necessary due to limited fields, number of fields, sunlight etc. Therefore we also CANNOT accept any schedule requests. Before registering be sure you are prepared to play all dates listed for the event and prepared to play as early as 8am the first day and through the completion of the event.